Barn Buds®: Eleanor the Blue Bunny - Plushie Stuffed Animal

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Who is Eleanor?

She is cute, squishy, soft, and lovable, while being calm, gentle, and kind. Floppy ears and super fuzzy sitting plush bunny rabbit. She enjoys going on adventures with her best friend Hamilton so she can keep her clumsy friend safe and out of trouble. She has lovely long flopsy ears to hide behind when she is scared, when she is sleepy, or if she wants to tie them up into a nice bow on her head! This cuddly plush bunny is very creative! This huggable, soft pig plush is a perfect companion to have as you read all about Hammie and Ellie’s adventures in the Barn Buds® Children’s Books series. Adopt Ellie and bring her home today! She loves to share her stories, and hear all about your adventures too!

Her original design, rounded body with modern shape reduces the appearance of excessive seam lines for an ultra adorable look. Her soft floppy ears and rounded fluffy tail are fun to squish and give you a comforting sensation. Our stuffed animals are made of premium quality plush material and will stay super soft and cuddly for years to come! Perfect gift for baby showers!


Product Details

    • Ages: 0 and up
    • Embroidered branding to ensure genuine Barn Buds® product
    • Dimensions: Stands 13” tall
    • Colors: Brilliant baby blue/ Pastel sky blue
    • Materials:
    • High quality, premium, ultra soft high-density terry plush.
    • 100% new material.
    • CPSC USA Tested and Certified for children’s safety.
    • Lead-free, heavy-metal-free, phthalate-free.
    • Embroidered eyes and nose; no loose choking hazards

Care Instructions

    • Spot clean
    • Surface-washable with mild soap or detergent
    • Cuddle and squish daily
    • Tuck into bed with you every night to ensure maximal loving


  • Q: Is Eleanor a boy or a girl?
    A: Excellent question! Eleanor is a girl! Her best friend, Hamilton, is a boy!
  • Q: How tall is Eleanor?
    A: Eleanor is about 13 inches or 33 centimeters in height. She’s a little bit taller than Hamilton.
  • Q: Does Eleanor have a nickname?
    A: Yes! Her best friend calls her Ellie for short!
  • Q: What kinds of adventures does Ellie like to go on?
    A: You can read all about Hammie and Ellie’s adventures in the children’s books series! They have been to France, Japan, Australia, and more! Follow their adventures on Instagram as well!


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