Barn Buds® Totes, Stickers and More

Your favorite furry friends Hamilton the Pig and Eleanor the Bunny Rabbit are also featured in our Puzzle, Flashcards, Tote bags, Sticker Sheets, Around the World Passport, and MORE! What better gifts to complement your stuffed animal plushies than these fun, low-cost additions?

If you are looking for a way to carry your books and furry friends around, get a heavy duty canvas tote bag decorated with your favorite fur friends, Hamilton and Eleanor! Does your laptop or phone look a little boring? Decorate them with premium matte-finish collectable character stickers! Planning a big family vacation and the kids want to bring Hamilton and Eleanor along? No worries, get a passport for them as well so they can tag along! The possibilities for travel gift ideas and other miscellaneous fun goodies never ends!